@ Ginetta

People First

At Ginetta, we understand the value of human potential. That's why we create a working environment that contributes to the growth and well-being of each and every individual.

We pour our heart into everything we do and aim to inspire our customers with fast, simple and beautiful digital experiences.

Pierre de la Martinière

So much more than just 'code'

Pierre de la Martinière - Frontend Developer

At Ginetta, we are not afraid to experiment with the latest patterns or technologies. It helps us to pick the right tool for the right job, allowing us to create modular, organized and maintainable code.

I truly enjoy not being confined to my area of expertise. For our projects to be successful, cooperation and communication are fundamental: I can work with, and learn from, UX researchers, designers and other developers strong in their own domain, to understand all the aspects of our work, from UI sketching to application deployment.

Min Chen

Great balance between family and work

Min Chen - Product Partner

I am a Product Partner at Ginetta with a background in Interaction Design. Working within an interdisciplinary team on challenging client projects gives me the opportunity to develop my skills broadly.

I am also a Mom with two kids. I really appreciated the extra parental leave so I was able to spend more precious time with my family. Flexible working hours mean I continue to benefit from a balance between family and work.


    • Beautiful offices in the heart of Zurich and Bern
    • 13” Apple MacBook Pro
      with retina display
    • 27” Apple Thunderbolt
    • Latest Apple iPhone and
      Swisscom inOne
    • Profit sharing through
      variable salary
    • 8 weeks additional
      parental leave
    • Annual working time and
      flexible holiday scheme
    • Professional development budget
    • Free lunch
      from Mon - Thu
    • Unlimited coffee,
      snacks and drinks
    • Gym
    • Mobility company card
      for private transportation