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People First

Are you fascinated by the digital world? Do want to use your talents to make the internet a little bit better, faster, and easier to use? Would you prefer to work with like-minded people on exciting projects? Are you looking for a work environment in which you can develop personally and professionally?

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Working at Ginetta

We are an ambitious and experienced team that conceptualizes, designs and develops great web and mobile apps.

We develop solutions thoughtfully and effectively to fulfill the needs of our customers – just ask the likes of Doodle, Helsana, local.ch, Uepaa, Swisscom, SBB, die Raiffeisen Bank and Swiss Post.


    • Beautiful office
      in the heart of Zurich
    • Generous workspace
      with modern office chair
    • 13” Apple MacBook Pro
      with retina display
    • 27” Apple Thunderbolt
    • Latest Apple iPhone and
      Swisscom inOne
    • Profit sharing through
      variable salary
    • 8 weeks additional
      parental leave
    • Annual working time and
      flexible holiday scheme
    • Personal development budget
    • Free lunch
      from Mon - Thu
    • Unlimited coffee,
      snacks and drinks
    • Sport coach or
      fitness subscription
    • Public transportation card
    • Mobility company card
      for private transportation
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@ Ginetta

Simone Reichlin

Exactly the right place for me!

Simone Reichlin - UX Researcher

I represent the users and make sure that they play a central role. To that end, I research user needs and review concepts carefully.

At Ginetta, I can combine my interests in people and technology perfectly. I take active part and share responsibility in the project starting with the first sketches. Ginetta has its finger on the pulse and makes it possible for me to practice the latest research methods.

Pierre de la Martinière

So much more than just 'code'

Pierre de la Martinière - Frontend Developer

At Ginetta, we are not afraid to experiment with the latest patterns or technologies. It helps us to pick the right tool for the right job, allowing us to create modular, organized and maintainable code.

I truly enjoy not being confined to my area of expertise. For our projects to be successful, cooperation and communication are fundamental: I can work with, and learn from, UX researchers, designers and other developers strong in their own domain, to understand all the aspects of our work, from UI sketching to application deployment.

Angela Dannhorn

Get out of your comfort zone and into the flow

Angela Dannhorn - Senior Interaction Designer

I lead most projects from start to finish, developing workable solutions in close cooperation with our clients. I have the responsibility to ensure that my diverse skills contribute to the success of our projects.

Everyone at Ginetta works here for a reason. And each of us has specific talents. Creative, focused, honest, passionate, courageous, reliable—the people are what makes working at Ginetta great.

High regard

We understand how important our employees are for the success of our company. So we strive to provide an environment that contributes to the well being and satisfaction of everyone. We place great value on encouraging and supporting each employee’s individuality and creativity.

At the same time, we expect our employees to be committed to our overall success, actively participate in building the company culture and do their best to complete customer projects professionally and efficiently.

We know the advantages of mixed teams. Hence we are commited that women do not have to fight harder for a place at the table than their male counterparts.

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